Sat/Sun 5-6 October 2002


The ESR had a mixed traffic weekend to recreate the country branch line atmosphere associated with rural railways such as our own Strawberry Line.

This event  featured 4 engines in steam including GWR 0-6-2T 5637 specially repainted in BR unlined black for the event.   


Passenger and Freight Trains

A special timetable applied offering both photographers and visitors plenty of opportunities to travel on a mixed passenger/freight train typical to the period. For the adventurous there was a chance to travel in the brake van of a train between Cranmore and Mendip Vale.

In addition both Cranmore Station and the Engine shed was a hive of activity as both the yard pilot and the station pilot marshal the trains for the next departure.

Photographer's Special Trains with Runpasts

As well as the Mixed Traffic train, we also be ran a loose coupled freight train between Cranmore and Mendip Vale with an opportunity for lineside photography in the highly photogenic Doulting Cutting. Stopping off at Merryfield Lane station at the summit of the 1:56 gradient from Mendip Vale, photographers had the opportunity to pick a perfect location in the stone sided Cutting to take photographs. Repeat run pasts were staged to ensure that the perfect shot was obtained. These movements were repeated in the afternoon so that there was opportunities to obtain shots from different locations. This part of the day was fully guided by members of staff to ensure safety.

Four Locos in steam

With 5637 specially repainted for the occasion in BR unlined black, it joined the loco roster with Great Western liveried 0-6-0ST 813, BR unlined black Swansea Dock Tank 705 and Barclay 0-4-0ST 1398 “Lord Fisher.”  This was a 100% steam event!