THE 0-4-0'S

0-4-0 ST 1398 LORD FISHER

Built at the Caledonia Works, Kilmarnock of Andrew Barclay, Sons & Co in 1915 and was sent to the RN Airship Station, near Rochester, Kent on the 7th September 1915.In the thirties she moved to the Air Ministry Establishment at Farnborough where she remained until 1939 when moved to R.A.F Cardington in Bedfordshire. Then a move out of the forces and into gas company service when she was moved to the Yorktown (Camberley) and District Gas and Electricity Co, in Surrey.1May 1949 she was transferred to Blackwater Gas Works and received a new boiler in March 1952. After moving to Hilsea Gas Works (Portsmouth) in August 1956 where she was sadly neglected. On 14th November 1960 she moved to Southampton Gas Works where she was given a major overhaul and put to work on the Chapel Tramway on 1st March1961.Here she stayed until the closure of the system in May 1967and was sold to Mr B.G.Buckfield in November of that year. Next came a move to join other preserved locos at Longmore where she arrived in January 1968 and followed the others to Liss in May 1970."Lord Fisher" was the last loco to be steamed at the site when it was removed and made it's own way up onto the low loader and was the driven through the main high street of Liss to Godalming in November 1971.Joining 47493 and Lady Nan at Radstock where she worked the occasional train to Writhlington and finally moving to Cranmore on 14th November 1973.Here she was used on shunting duties until withdrawal in October 1976.After having a complete overhaul including the fitting of vacuum brake's "Lord Fisher " gave service until the late eighties. It is now back in service and used for shunting duties and Driver for Fiver trips.

0-4-0ST 1719 LADY NAN

Built by Andrew Barclay in 1920 she was delivered to J and R Howie Ltd near Kilmarnock on 20 December 1920 numbered 1719 and with the name " Hurlford Fireclay Works No 2". The loco was sold in April 1959 to Glenfield & Kennedy Ltd and renamed " Glenfield No 2" In early 1966 she was offered for sale but remained unsold until March 1972 when she was sold for scrap. A month later Mr R.P. Weisham bought her from the scrap merchant and moved to NCB premises at Backworth, Northumberland on 14 April1972.On 6th May 1973 the loco joined 47493 at Radstock. Then on 15 November 1973 the loco moved to Cranmore and entered the works in 1978. 1985 and after a complete general overhaul including fitting of vacuum brake gear she emerged from the works in blue livery and a new name "LADY NAN". It went on some visits in 1989 to Wroughton 21st May then Wallingford open day giving train rides over a half-mile stretch of track. Then it was back to Somerset to Merehead Quarry for Mendip Rail 25th June 1989. It has now returned from display at the National Railway Museum at York and is awaiting a boiler inspection. A start has been made on the boiler work.