This distinctive and useful crane tank was built in 1901 by Dubs & Company at Glasgow Locomotive Works as their number 4101.It was delivered to Shelton Iron & Steel Works Ltd, Etruia, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire where it worked for 72 years. It worked around the complex on heavy lifting jobs and rerailing locomotives and wagons which had come off the track. Conversion from coal-fired to oil-firing took place in 1961 but was taken out of service in 1968 when she was replaced by diesel cranes. In April 1970 She was purchased for preservation by Mr B.G.Buckfield, Mr N.J. Smith & Mr R.P.Wiesham and put into storage. Then in September 1973 she moved to Cranmore to work as shed pilot and with the heavy lifting jobs. After a hydraulic boiler test in 1977 she was converted back to coal firing in September 1977. With the opening of the extension to Mendip Vale in 1985 where she put in sterling service in the relaying of the trackbed she was withdrawn from service for heavy boiler repairs in June 1986.
It has since been sold to David Scragg who will base the loco at the Foxfield Railway.